1. Identifying common drivers of pandemics, non-communicable disease and environmental degradation.

    Work Package I will identify causes of pandemics, non-communicable disease and environmental degradation – proximal and distal, and within different systems – as a basis for mapping their common drivers. The causes will be identified by developing a conceptual map using group model building methods.

  2. Identifying synergistic actions that tackle common drivers across all three domains.

    Work Package II will identify objectives, that could contribute to reducing the three threats, and actions to achieve these objectives.

  3. Describing costs and benefits of introducing a specific intervention which could address all three threats. Work Package III will provide economic analyses of the ways in which the effects of carbon pricing on food and transport systems might influence health and the environment.
  4. Identifying and activating routes to synergistic actions.

    Building on the first three Work Packages, Work Package IV will identify potential levers to drive change at local, national and international levels. These will be elaborated upon in a theory of change that will both consider change within complex systems, and the framing of routes into change.