In case you missed it: Watch the 2021 Christ’s College Climate Seminar Series

The 2021 Christ’s College Climate Seminar Series was held in partnership between the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) at the University of Cambridge and The Lancet-Chatham House Commission.


The seminars took as their starting point that knowing what actions to take to improve population health post-Covid-19 is only part of the solution. We need also to identify how to implement these actions.


Seminar 1 How to frame the costs and benefits of action and inaction

This examined the case for monetising valued outcomes as well as making moral arguments with Economist Diane Coyle and Epidemiologist Michael Marmot.


Seminar 2 examined increasing public engagement with policy-makers (and vice versa) hearing about digital democracy from Taiwan with Digital Minister Audrey Tang & Geoff Mulgan, expert in social innovation.


Seminar 3 explored the balance between the local and the national in achieving change – through the lens of policy responses to covid-19 in England with Public Health Experts Jeanelle de Gruchy and Chris Ham.


Please find the recordings of these three seminars here.